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Africa U-20 Qualifiers: Rwanda squad to face Kenya summoned

Mar 20, 2018 Comments 30, 088 views

The head coach of the Rwanda U-20 National Team Vincent Mashami has released 30 names of players scheduled to begin training on Wednesday morning at Amahoro Stadium in preparation for the 2019 (...)

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Peace Cup 2018: Round of 16 Fixtures

Mar 19, 2018 Comments 30, 088 views

Peace Cup 2018: Round of 16 Fixtures Round of 32 Matches, Return Leg Matches March 30, 2018 Rayon Sports Fc vs Aspor Fc (Stade de Kigali) March 31, 2018 APR Fc vs Gitikinyoni Sc (Stade (...)

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Azam Rwanda Premier League Matches on Schedule this week

Mar 19, 2018 Comments 30, 088 views

Azam Rwanda Premier League Matches on Schedule this week March 21, 2018 Match Day 15 APR Fc vs Espoir Fc (Stade de Kigali) March 25, 2018 Match Day 13 Etincelles vs APR Fc (Stade (...)

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FIFA’s Chief Women’s Football Officer Sarai visits FERWAFA

Posted on Aug 08 2017

The FIFA Chief Women’s Football Officer Sarai Bareman visited Rwanda Football Federation (FERWAFA) on Tuesday where she held interactive sessions with different stakeholders on the progress of women football in the country.

The New Zealander met FERWAFA’s Vice President Kayiranga Vedaste, Executive Committee member in charge of women football Madam Rwemalika Felicite and Secretary General Uwamahoro Tharcille Latifah.

After being shown around the head office and the different infrastructure, Bareman held a brief discussion with the federation’s officials before meeting women football coaches and journalists.

In an interactive session, Bareman was briefed on the success stories of Rwandan football as well as the challenges facing the development of the sport.

Speaking to Ferwafa.rw , the former Samoan Football Association CEO said, “I am pleased to be in Rwanda and Africa. It’s my first time to be in this beautiful country. I am here to understand the challenges facing the development of women football in Rwanda. I understand every region has its own challenges and being on the ground will help us to know better how we will come with a good strategy currently in the offing that will improve the sport in the coming years.

“I am new in the office, was appointed in December last year and the biggest focus is to build a strategy for FIFA for women’s football and the most important aspect of this strategy is that it can be used all over the globe. So we need to develop a strategy that can be used here in Rwanda as well as Samoa or in Europe or Asia

“We have created a framework of our strategy which we can then use in all our member associations like Rwanda to give tailored support. So I am here to get down to understand the challenges on the ground. Some challenges are the same but there are also some very unique challenges that different countries face and it’s better we get to know them rather than us coming to you, telling you what to do without sitting with you to fully know and understand your challenges,”

“Rwanda is a good country with strong leadership and they have gone a step further of improving women football. They have used well the funds FIFA have given them to the development of women football.

“It’s good that I have met coaches of first league clubs and they success stories and challenges they face and it was a big step for us to know the state of Rwandan football. We will sit with FERWAFA and see how the challenges raised can be addressed together and I believe it will have a better impact for Rwandan women football,”

“We have been working harder in creating a solid women football strategy at FIFA and the plan is that before we finalise everything, we have to come to every region and make sure that we are doing the right thing for those regions. Africa has talent and I want to create support for Africa to ensure that women football is well developed,” added Bareman.

Bareman is in Rwanda to attend the Advancing Women in Leadership for Africa and Asia which begins on Wednesday at Kigali Convention Center.

She will be joined by The Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) Secretary General, Fatma Samba Diouf Samoura who is expected in Rwanda on Wednesday night.

Samoura, the first woman to hold this position at FIFA, will be amongst the special delegates invited for the International Women Forum.

This year’s conference is expected to provide unique opportunities for sports federations to share best practices and effective strategies for increasing the number of women in leadership roles.
Source: Ferwafa.rw

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