U23 Olympic National Team

Rwanda will take part in the qualification phase of the 2015 CAF U-23 Championship decided the participating teams of the final tournament.

A total of eight teams will play in the final tournament, to be hosted by the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

First Round
First leg
*Rwanda v Somalia
Libya v Mauritania
Ghana v Liberia
Botswana v Kenya
Zimbabwe v Swaziland
Guinea-Bissau v Sierra Leone

Second leg
*Somalia v Rwanda
Mauritania v Libya
Liberia v Ghana
Kenya v Botswana
Swaziland v Zimbabwe
Sierra Leone v Guinea-Bissau

Second Round
The following teams received a bye to this round:
South Africa

First leg
*Rwanda /Somalia v Uganda
Libya /Mauritania v Mali
Ghana /Liberia v Congo
Botswana /Kenya v Zambia
Zimbabwe /Swaziland v South Africa
Guinea-Bissau /Sierra Leone v Cameroon
Tunisia v Sudan

Second leg
*Uganda v Rwanda/ Somalia
Mali v Libya/ Mauritania
Congo v Ghana/ Liberia
Zambia v Botswana/ Kenya
South Africa v Zimbabwe/ Swaziland
Cameroon v Guinea-Bissau/ Sierra Leone
Sudan v Tunisia

Third round:
The draw was announced on 20 September 2014.
The following teams received a bye to this round:
Ivory Coast

First leg
*Rwanda /Somalia or Uganda v Egypt
Libya /Mauritania or Mali v Gabon
Ghana /Liberia or Congo v Nigeria
Botswana /Kenya or Zambia v Ivory Coast
Zimbabwe /Swaziland or South Africa v Senegal
Guinea-Bissau /Sierra Leone or Cameroon v Algeria
Morocco v Tunisia/ Sudan

Second leg
*Egypt v Rwanda/ Somalia or Uganda
Gabon v Libya/ Mauritania or Mali
Nigeria v Ghana/ Liberia or Congo
Ivory Coast v Botswana/ Kenya or Zambia
Senegal v Zimbabwe/ Swazilandor South Africa
Algeria v Guinea-Bissau/ Sierra Leone or Cameroon
Tunisia /Sudan v Morocco